So another November started without me being prepared for NaNoWriMo. I wonder how many more of these I’ll be able to attempt. I have a couple of story ideas, but I think they’re more like very-short-stories, nothing like a novel without a whole lot of embellishment. I’ve also figured that I’m never super interested in characters and so forth, just a big pile of ideas, and that’s not really the sort of thing that other people like to read. So perhaps I should just ignore this public display of progress and just write the damn stuff, print it out, and give it a Viking funeral, just to shrug of this sense of guilt that sets in about a week in to November.

Ho hum.



ps. Android 12 is pretty fucked, isn’t it? Alt-tab broken, system icons massive, most useable space on notifications just pointless padding, battery life about 30% worse, screen interaction now required for putting the phone on silent and AWFUL scroll stretching you cannot turn off without disable ALL animations. So lame. I totally regret installing it.