I promised a sketch

And here it is. Also, sorry. (I’m clearly just trying out some tools, but I haven’t given up just yet.)

A fever dream bike scene

Okay, so this image is the first impression of the thing I’m wanting to make. I’m not exactly sure what the thing is, or how to make it but perhaps I should step back a bit.

Immediately prior to the birth of my first child, a task a delegated to my partner because men aren’t very good at that sort of thing, I went for “one last ride” on my bike. That’s my bike there. It was a very warm night by Sothern English standards. Clear sky. I rode north from my house and out of the town I’m in and into country lanes. Atop one of the gentle hills I decided to stop for a moment. This in itself it strange and I can’t recall every having wanted to just randomly stop during a ride, but I did. I leant my rather handsome bike against the holloway and just walked (or in fact hobbled as I was wearning those fancy cleated cycling shoes) and looked around.

Though at the rise of a hill there were still some other hills in the middle distance that were a bit higher, creating a punchbowl effect, shrinking the horizon subtly. I could only make out this horizon dimply against the glow of the numerous nearby towns and cities warminging the thin cloud and haze in the sky.

I heard various quiet insect noises and the sounds of whichever was the nearly motorway could easily be replaced my my mind with the sound of wind or distant ocean.

I felt a buzzing within me. The ride up the hills had clearly filled me with endorphins, but there presence that night.