Having trouble

So, anyone (ha!) who is following along with my posts will be able to tell that I’m not “okay”.

I am addressing mainly myself in a “journey” into not being not okay. Even tilde.club’s ‘hey, wow, just have fun, woohoo’ feels utterly alien. Thanks, guys. But I am going to take up this offer in a “be” sense, not “expound, explode, explain, riot” sense. Issues.

I think this is more common than the Internet gives credit for. Many, and perhaps most, are dealing with stuff. This stuff stops them doing the other “stuff” they would much rather be doing.

So, no, I am not okay. I am insular, often sad, and trying to find ways to fix this. While I do that I’ll say that I am at least non-zero and “doing”. A shout out to everyone else who is similarly watching the world progress and wondering “Why does everyone else find this easier that me?” My friend: They don’t – they just keep quiet.