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No contact form after all

A lot has happened since my last post, but most of it isn’t Unix-related. My site is now up and semi-public and it looks okay as far as I’m concerned—but I didn’t end up making use of that contact form I set up. (I heard some bad things about PHP-powered contact forms re: security, and I’m not sure how wild and formy I want a contact form to be anymore. mailto: will do for now.)

I’ve made a couple other sites in Grav, and they’ve added a new admin plugin and some other cool stuff that makes me excited about it. I also set up a proper Vagrant machine for Grav development which will hopefully give me some better dev habits. So the next step would be changing my ways so that, for example, my local environment has settings like the debugger on by default, whereas the production site is all CSS minified, debugger off, etc. by default. This is very easy to do, but right now my git repos have the whole sites in them, which means I have to be super careful and stuff. Major pain, not productive.

Sorry for the lack of updates. <3

Some context

I’m in the middle of launching my website, benjaminwil.info, on a Digital Ocean droplet running Ubuntu Server. It’s a way of forcing me to get better at this kind of stuff, but it’s also mighty fun having complete control. The website was built using Grav and is all running properly thanks to Apache 2 I guess. I have some subdomains planned—probably one for project/client management—that will need a MySQL database. So, that will be fun to set up.

My next mini-project will be getting my contact form working and live using phpmailer() and GMail instead of setting up a mailserver. My friend Kubilay helped me figure that out. (Thanks Kubilay.)

My first post

Hey. So my plan for this blog is to, in tilde.club fashion, document my Unix education. Since I began poking around with Arch Linux a few years ago, I’ve made some of the same mistakes over and over again, and it’s prolly time to actually learn how permissions work, etc. Okay, that’s it for tonight. Love you.

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