~Carlo Ascani

I am a web developer currently located in Vienna, Austria.

Find me on libera.chat as carloratm.

Personal projects and code


Reanimact is a browser game where you have to align 3 or more animals of the same color.

Source code Website


Vuestermind is a web browser implementation of the famous board game Master Mind.

Source code Website

Murder She Wrote - The Killers

Murder She Wrote - The Killers is a website that spoils every episode’s killer.

Source code Website

Lazy Speaker Slides

Lazy Speaker Slides lets you create web based presentations in seconds from Markdown.

Source code Website


Umbra is a multi box-shadow generator with load/save capability.

Source code Website


My pens on Codepen.


The other stuff

You may also find interesting to look at my other GitHub projects.

Source code

Technical readings

Fictional readings


I love taking pictures of interesting fonts (click on them to see a larger version).