Influencers. Indielectuals. Millenials. Youngish Gen-Xers. Digital "Natives." Slightly jaded middle-tier editorial types.

We know and reach them all. Now you can too.

In display options we're happy to do skins and takeovers and roadblocks and all kinds of display creative on all pages (we only have one page). But we all know that's old-thinking.

We offer two levels of exciting native content. The most direct is brand-produced content, where brands get their say in the editorial flow. Your words and images and even video here! We also offer editorial sponsorships, which is when we find our goals align, and pure editorial content is "brought to you by" a presenting brand.

All of these ways can help you reach young savvy digital influencers and early adopters here on tilde.club.

SAMPLE RATES Display ad (leaderboard): $2 a week
Site takeover: $6 a week
Brand-produced sponsored post: $3
Brand-presented editorial post: $3

* Metrics and fulfillment: we have none.
* Uniques per month: unknown.
* Viewability: because of our unique structure and layout, all of our offerings have 100% time-on-site ad viewability.
* We reserve the right to reject advertising that is inappropriate or otherwise misaligned to the brand of the site.
* Payment is net 240 days by PayPal, Venmo or wire transfer only.


Choire Sicha
Chief Content Officer and Publisher, www.tilde.club~choire

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