Shellbound (archive September 2019)

2019-09-30 -- Last of September

The clouds this morning brings back memories of past Septembers. It feels right. Only a few days felt this way, Summer pushing its way deeper into fall each year.

2019-09-29 -- Static assemble!

Reorganized page files and have a decent assemble line command (uncertain of downsides) allows me to edit small files, one for each entry, instead of risking messing up one big file for the page.

2019-09-28 -- Considering static assembly

Given my basic pages, it looks like I could apply head-body1-body2-tail each day as I post updates. Where head and tail change rarely.

2019-09-27 -- More archive pages

Created an archive index page in anticipation of October's arrival.

2019-09-26 -- Mail and List

Discovered that my welcome mail may have bounced on my supplied address. Found a copy in my .mail directories. Initial setup and started reading list.

2019-09-25 -- Aging Down

Much a fan of new entries appearing on top and older ones rolling down then off the page, my edits hit two static pages: index and archive.

2019-09-24 -- Added archive

Planning to keep landing page at one. No scrolling required in most browsers

2019-09-23 -- Play Links

Got hooked checking links here at ~jonbell.

2019-09-22 -- Geek Code

Version: 3.1
GIT d s:(-) a++ C++$>+++ UL>+++>$ P>+ L++(+)>+++>$ !E W+>++>$ N++>+++ o? K? w(+)>--- O>+ M+>++>$ !V PS+(++) PE@>- Y+>++ PGP(++)>$ t+(++) 5+>++ !X R+(++)>+++>$ tv--(++) b++>+++ DI(++) D-- G>++>$ e>++ h+() r--() z+>++

2019-09-21 -- Learning after a major gap

Years since I last edited basic HTML. Glimpsing many well made pages, so nice. Diverse designs.

I have a long road to make this great.

2019-09-20 -- New member of tilde club

A few years ago I bookmarked someone referencing this site. A couple days ago I checked through all my aging bookmarks to find out this opened for sign up in two days.

Lucky for this fortunate timing.

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