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Before entering the pages of David's Portfolio, there are a few things you should be aware of.

First, all of the graphics and text within these pages are copyright by David Friedman. If you see anything you would like to use for any reason, or would like to see in more detail or as an actual print, send him e-mail at david@yab.com.

Second, on every page, you can click on the featured picture to see David's comments about the photo. Any of your own comments are welcome, as well, so please send them!

NEW! Now available on-line, the multimedia version of my portfolio can be downloaded for the Macintosh (with a Windows version hopefully coming soon). To download it, point to the link below, and hold down your mouse button until the pop-up menu comes up. Then choose Save this Link as... and save it on your hard drive. You will need to decode it from its binhexed form, which can be done with Stuffit Expander (which should have come with your latest version of Netscape Navigator).

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