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Success With SSH

January 14, 2015 — Greg Haas

We've been seeing some success with using our brains and bodies to get ssh key-pairs working the way we like them. So, ha!

Pretty happy about that!

Also rocking the screen and tmux worlds. Using mosh and other apps on chromebook to ssh into another server then ssh out from there to and others. By keeping things there, I can keep it almost as messy as my real desktop, even when I'm loggin in remotely I can wallow in my mess!

And I'm still beating my brain up with Javascript. I wrote a big ol' function that had four if...else and now I'm trying to rewrite with each being their own function that are called by various actions. Before, I called the same function with different parameters but ended up with lots of repeated code.

Wishing myself luck.

Tags: javascript, screen, tmux, learning, ssh, keypairs

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