hi! welcome to my personal homepage.

I've been on the internet a loooong time, and I can't tell you how excited I am about tilde.club, a paul ford joint and a lovely return to the early days - or at least my early days - of the internet.

I'll be updating this with more info soon. Yes, this site is under construction. More... TK. In the meantime, some quick facts about me. Hey now, this is my very own slash tilde jacqui personal homepage! Where else would I do this?

  • In 2009 I joined the Interactive News desk at The New York Times, where I
    • parsed elections data for midterm and presidential elections
    • learned way too much about the electoral college and US primary schedules
    • got to know most if not all of the quirky datapoints of several Olympic games
    • covered events I never thought I would, like the Super Bowl and presidential inaugurations
    • encouraged reader engagement
    • spent time abroad for the job in places like the UK, Russia and Argentina
    • perhaps best of all, made many life-long friends
  • A couple months into 2014, I joined the NYT's R&D lab and contributed to the awesome streamtools visual programming language for data manipulation
  • In early 2015 I'm making the leap across the pond and moving to London, where I will
    • join the BBC to work for the World Service and the News Labs
    • finally live in the same place as my dear boyfriend
    • learn along with Conor Dogberst if dogs bark with accents
    • watch football at a proper time of time of day!
    • look forward to taking many, many trips to explore the continent and beyond - geographic proximity!
  • In other news, I love board games, especially Scrabble and Risk.
  • I hate cilantro.
  • I react strongly and throw the offending ingredient on the floor where it belongs.

I have an emo dog

Conor Dogberst

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Iain Collins
Jake Harris
Tiff Fehr
Al Shaw

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