Today's background image is Wall Art#

I've started using Mutt again as my primary email client. Or at least as my first email client. I use it to tear through mail quickly and respond to the easy messages. For things with attachments, HTML-only, or other annoying bits, I fire up Mailplane. It's a neat combination.#

Today's background image is Accidental Panoramas# Preparing for a new iMac#

Today's background image is from the Pinball Hall of Fame # Evernote keeps sucking me back in#

Today's background images is from last night's Fusionary party at Founders#

I'm very happy with the process and results of using Fargo to create this Snippets "noteblog". I just wish I could decide what it's for. Based on the past week or so, it looks like I'm creating a simple feed of links. Problem is, I already have one of those. I also have a blog, so when do I post short notes here and when there? Still thinking through it, but I'm leaning toward only longer or "fancier" posts on and shorter ideas and things here. We'll see.#

The Online Darkroom: The Zone System and why you might like to ignore it#

Bare Bones Software: BBEdit 11 Released (Instabuy)#

~ford: "It really is just a computer on the Internet"#

Today's background image is Surf's Up#

Ten years ago on Back from Mexico#

Today's background image is of Zim relaxing# Zim’s Favorite Things#

Oops, tinkering with the other template somehow overrode this one. Will fix Fixed for now.#

Decided to use fargo for publishing to Much better.#

I woke up this morning concerned about relying upon Dropbox for long-term hosting and storage. Not sure why.#

It occurred to me that I bought my Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M Scanner in 2007 and still use it every day. Not a bad run.#

Today's background image is a screenshot of my tmux session on I made my own at

I miss things. Sometimes I believe it's because those things were better than what we have now. Other times - today for example - I think it's simply because I've stopped growing.#

Today's background image is of some 4x5 film negatives hanging to dry.#

Seriously, how many apps do I need to use every day? Seems like dozens, and all of them make me log in constantly. 1Password helps, but only a little. I am still interrupted at every turn. Had to link to Dropbox, again, just to post this. It's exhausting, and that's web apps. Mobile apps are even worse. Also, desktop apps don't have this problem.#

I own an awful lot of writing tools for a guy who doesn't write much#

"As such, our personal libraries should contain as much of what we don’t know as what we do. They should contain the possible. The aspirational. They should contain the future." bobulate#

I was asked about a dozen times last night, "So, what do you do?"#

My answer was uniformly weak and terrible. In my usual fashion, I undersold the value of what Fusionary does. I need to work on that.#

I bought my first Leica M camera almost 11 years ago. It was a fine choice and I still use one daily. Equipment Wanker #

Today's background image is of some weeds in my back yard.#

The first course of tonight's dinner was bone marrow. So this is how it's going to be?#

Today's background image is End of the roll#

I've never wanted to have an account as badly as I want one on Tilde.Club#

Dave Winer has made Happy Friends. It lets you pull in Tweets from people and organize them however you like. Neat.#

Today's background image is the view from my room in the Monte Carlo hotel (Las Vegas, NV)#

Welcome to iPhone 6, friend (I never use a case)#

A few more photos from my trip: Bryce and Zion 2014#

Today's background image is from my recent trip to Zion National Park and was added to the post using a Fargo script#

I haven't been to Founders in like 10 days. Fixed.#

Default page of redirects links to this Fargo-generated "Noteblog" called

I'll aggregate all my stuff here, including links to my usual Wordpress blog posts. Not sure yet if it's a good idea.#

Dave Winer: "I want to have great open publishing tools, that don't require you to give everything you have to a billionaire in the hopes of getting a little attention. ## The Polaroid Museum#

I'm jackbaty on Ello.#

As with this post, for example.#

Snippet test, is all#

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