A few more photos from my trip: Bryce and Zion 2014#

Today's background image is from my recent trip to Zion National Park and was added to the post using a Fargo script#

I haven't been to Founders in like 10 days. Fixed.#

Default page of baty.net redirects links to this Fargo-generated "Noteblog" called snippets.baty.net.#

I'll aggregate all my stuff here, including links to my usual Wordpress blog posts. Not sure yet if it's a good idea.#

Dave Winer: "I want to have great open publishing tools, that don't require you to give everything you have to a billionaire in the hopes of getting a little attention. ##

baty.net: The Polaroid Museum#

I'm jackbaty on Ello.#

As with this post, for example.#

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