Today's background image is JOBO in Darkroom#

Still wish I had an idea of what to use this for. For now I'm going to rsync the files to and see how that feels.#

I'm fickle. I admit it. Posting to this snippets page using Fargo has been fun. I may continue, but so far almost no one is reading them. That's a little disheartening, but not surprising. For short bursts I may wander back to Tumblr for a while and see how that feels.#

Today's background image is Old Leicas# Vimwiki#

Today's background image is "Snow Day"# Tailgaiting# New blogging tool, Desk#

The fact that David Shing (no way I'm calling him "Shingy") exists and people pay him to do what he does makes me want to run from everything and find a new world to live in.#

Today's background image is Leeloo# Leeloo’s Lump#

I no longer read articles speculating about the future of anything. What might the next iPhone do? Will the Apple Watch be successful? Which JavaScript/CSS/HTML/Whatever framework will "win"? #

Since you don't know and I don't care, I'm off to read about things that matter today.#

Every year I have to relearn the secret to wrapping gifts. That is: less paper, more tape. And I always learn this while wrapping the very last box.# Snippets, Tweets, Links, Posts, etc.#

Today's background image is The Shelf in 2010# Leeloo's Legs#

It didn't take long for me to become bored by drone footage#

How cool it was to just hold my phone near the pay terminal and rest my thumb on the home button. Boom! I bought groceries.#

Today's background image is AirBnB Amenities#

The goal isn't to eliminate paper, it's to use just the right amount of paper#

Today's background image is Wall Art#

I've started using Mutt again as my primary email client. Or at least as my first email client. I use it to tear through mail quickly and respond to the easy messages. For things with attachments, HTML-only, or other annoying bits, I fire up Mailplane. It's a neat combination.#

Today's background image is Accidental Panoramas# Preparing for a new iMac#

Today's background image is from the Pinball Hall of Fame # Evernote keeps sucking me back in#

Today's background images is from last night's Fusionary party at Founders#

I'm very happy with the process and results of using Fargo to create this Snippets "noteblog". I just wish I could decide what it's for. Based on the past week or so, it looks like I'm creating a simple feed of links. Problem is, I already have one of those. I also have a blog, so when do I post short notes here and when there? Still thinking through it, but I'm leaning toward only longer or "fancier" posts on and shorter ideas and things here. We'll see.#

The Online Darkroom: The Zone System and why you might like to ignore it#

Bare Bones Software: BBEdit 11 Released (Instabuy)#

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