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November 13 2014

So happy the racket finally launched- racketteen. Great job!

October 15 2014

There's little I enjoy more than baseball on the radio.

October 10 2014

Just look at these web developers.

October 9 2014

The confluence of US 101 and CA 37.

Speaking of Marin, my high school was just in the news.

October 7 2014

Since I'm slow, I just read Kellan's post entitled "Wolf" narrative considered harmful. And it strikes me: (historically, at least,) all the technical folks at craigslist exhibit some or all of the wolf/intrisically-motivated-fullstack-product-hacker traits he enumerates. It was news to me that any developer/"engineer" could be anything but.

Craigslist was funny: we did our own thing and did it well, but didn't play with others (outside the organization) at the product or technical level. Not until jz came along was there anyone on staff who participated in the conference/blog -o-spheres, and even then only minimally.

I like what ~ford said on 10/6:

I'm less nostalgic for old kinds of HTML than for the part of myself that was young and fearless and desperate to connect to the wider world.

Here's an observation: the experience of typing (chatting, editing code or prose) over a network with even moderate latency is very different (for me) from typing on a low-latency network, or locally.

Hey guys do you remember flickr? Here's my flickr: my flickr. I think flickr was way more fun than today's social networks.

San Francisco as seen from the Marin headlands. May, 1973.

October 3 2014

Remebering my perl and crontab editing, to fan the flames of the editor holy war.

UPDATE: haha ~danbri already did this! Great minds and all that...

Sausalito. June 5, 2043

October 1 2014

Shells I have known and loved:

tilde resource section

~harper wrote some code!

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