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Hi! Welcome to my tilde club page. My name is David Janke, and I'm a software developer. I got my start coding basic sites back in the 90s... many looked scarily similar to this one :) Over the years, my engineering & design skills have gotten better (well, engineering at least), but I still miss the good old days of hand-crafting sites.

My goal here is to build everything by hand... no frameworks, no libraries.

Web Log

The Million Dollar Givepage

Instead of working on things I really need to be working on, I just spent the last... uh, let's call it 30 minutes... making a 10x10 px tilde image 10x10 tilde. Now, to make myself feel better about spending so much time on it, I'm posting it so maybe other people can get some use out of it. The image is PNG, but I also posted Gimp's XCF format, so it's easy to change the background and make other edits.

Why would you need a 10x10 image of a tilde?

~qrush is using his site to host The Million Dollar Givepage. If you donate at least $100 to a charity, send him the details, and you too can own some space on the page.

You remember the Million Dollar Homepage, right? Back in the mid 00's, some university student posted a 1000 x 1000 px grid and sold space @ $1/px (in 100px blocks). It went viral, and he ended up selling every pixel.

I was working for a web hosting company at the time, and we saw a lot of copycat sites. Heck, a friend and I even put our own spin on it with messageToBush.com (no link because it's long gone), which had a picture of then-president George W Bush behind the pixels.

None of the copycat sites ever made much money (we knew this going in). I don't think we ever really got the site up and working, anyway.

The best thing I saw come out of this was some kid who wrote a fairly simple PHP platform that let people set up their own million dollar web page. He sold it for something like $10-15. Probably didn't get rich, but hopefully he got some nice pocket money out of it.

Just goes to show... in a gold rush, you don't want to be a miner. You want to be the guy selling shovels.

Server Data

Created a script to compile current server data. Let me know if there's other info you'd like included (in-system email or twitter are probably best), otherwise I'll just add to & refine the script as I think of stuff.

Site is up!

So... I just wasted the morning hand-coding a crappy, 90s-style site. Well, maybe not "wasted" :)

There's still a bunch left to do, hence the "under construction" images (otherwise, how would you know?). Styling is probably up next.

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