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If you start a tilde server and wish to be added to this list, please contact @pfhawkins on twitter or email me.
If you want to start a tilde server, take a look at the tilde.club github repository.

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tildecow.com: http://www.tildecow.com/

A small digital sandbox for making art, socializing, and learning programming and Linux.

e-mail ChickenBaconRanch@protonmail.com with your desired username and password, plus a promise not to be a jerk.
nand.club: http://nand.club/

Tilde focused on retrocomputing, Hombrew Computing, technology in general, and whatever else you like

E-mail vidak@riseup.net or phreaker0x90@protonmail.com with the desired username and public ssh key.
thunix.net: https://www.thunix.net/

thunix offers Secure Shell (SSH) accounts, Web Hosting, Email Accounts, and many other things to people free of charge.

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yourtilde.com: https://yourtilde.com/

If you're looking for a new ~, to learn and play, come check us out.

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tilde.team: https://tilde.team/

one tiny standard unix computer in the cloud that anyone can use and learn to use in the shared pursuit of cool sites and unix tools

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Ctrl-C Club: http://ctrl-c.club/

A place for the curious to poke around and play. SSH access, web pages, games, and programming languages on tap.

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pebble.ink: http://pebble.ink/

pebble.ink is a project almost, but not quite, like tilde.club

Ask @phildini on twitter, or perhaps try this signup form.

hackers.cool: http://hackers.cool/

A tilde.club started by some nerd at Hacker School. As such, it's got a lot of Hacker Schoolers on it, but everyone is welcome!

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tilde works: http://tilde.works/

~.works is a clone of Tilde Club. It provides a Unix shell, IRC, a public HTML page and fond memories of .plan files and the finger protocol.

Preferred: Use the Signup Form. Otherwise email james with a desired username and SSH key.
squiggle city: http://squiggle.city/

squiggle.city is a Debian server in the spirit of tilde.club. It's for making web pages and learning about the command line. If you are reading userland, which is about how to unix, squiggle.city is a place to explore the ideas it contains.

e-mail bbearnes@gmail.com with your desired username and public SSH key, plus a promise not to be a jerk.

tilde town: http://tilde.town/

tilde.town is an open, welcoming and safe place for the exploration of lo-fi HTML art, hi-fi javascript experiments, generative poetic works, and digital socialization in a post-facebook age.

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cybyte club: http://cybyte.club

A place to kick back, sling webz, ride the command line, and build what you want code cowboy/girl/person/whatever.

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protocol club: http://protocol.club/

protocol.club explores the fundamental and unique learning opportunities provided by the implementation of standardized protocols. It is a place for curious minds to explore and experiment, to educate and be educated about protocols and implementations old and new alike.

While inspired by tilde.club and federated with the rest of the tildeverse via NNTP (et cetera), protocol.club has a stronger focus on its particular mission and has several differences from other tilde boxes, namely: we have a Code of Conduct, and we have some resources available locally to aid development of protocol implementations and new draft protocols. We also serve pages over HTTPS.

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palvelin club: http://palvelin.club/

Finnish language tilde server.

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skylab.org: http://skylab.org/

An open-source community co-operative with ~150 members that has existed since 1997. Based in Portland, Oregon, United States with a userbase across the world, we have quietly existed. Featuring geektalk community chat, a variety of tools and hosting running on FreeBSD.

Email skylabstatus@gmail.com with subject line SKYLAB.ORG and an email containing your desired username, full name, public SSH key and an acknowledgement to play nice.

remotes.club: https://remotes.club/

Anyone who works remotely is welcome.

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RIOTGIRL.CLUB: http://riotgirl.club/

RIOTGIRL.CLUB is a community and space for learning, being yourself, and making cool shit for the Web. The Internet can be a *shitty* and *depressing* place. RIOTGIRL.CLUB seeks to be the opposite, a techno-utopia that we all hoped that the Internet would be. We’re pro-girl. NOT anti-boy! So, everyone is welcome to join. Everyone except JERKS.

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