Weird social network idea: what if you were capped at 150 follows/followers? Dunbar’s number. Or maybe Twitter’s number: you get 140 “characters.”

It would somewhat eliminate the idea of celebrities. If you wanted to get your message out to a lot of people, you’d have to count on your followers to spread the message. In reality, that’d lead to a primary account having 140 followers who existed just to retransmit, so it’s really not a workable idea, but let’s pretend there are safeguards that prevent that. So… no brands, no giant celebrities. And no loudmouths with armies.

What if we capped other things? No more than 140 faves, retweets, or replies. This would also need safeguards so you don’t get your replies all jammed up by strangers before your friends get to reply.

Kind of want to build it, as an experiment. (In my copious spare time…)