Twitter has been a-buzz with the news that the National Weather Service is finally going to start mixing case, and the fact that that just ain’t right. I have to agree. I’ve always been particularly fond of the times they put a web link (in plaintext, of course) at the bottom that says GO TO (LOWERCASE) HTTP://… At some point the uppercase versions started working, which I figured was about all the modernization those bulletins really required. But nope, we’re getting upper AND lowercase. Ain’t right.

It seems like an easy fix, though, at least for reading on the web. So let’s see if I can persuade Markdown to render this right:


If I have, you should be able to drag that to your bookmark bar and, when confronted with a freaky mixed-case weather bulletin, click it to restore the proper shoutiness level.

(It’s very basic - just uppercases anything and everything in a PRE block, so you can do it on any website with potentially amusing results, or no results. But it makes me happy.)

This should be a pre-formatted block you can test it on.


If you want, you can drag that one too, and lowercase all the existing bulletins. I only condone this use as a way to see if it’s actually working, since as far as I know there are no mixed-case ones to test yet.