Here’s a fun little plugin that lets you look at structured data on websites. This is particularly cool to me because it has a few links to sites that use structured data, which is something I hadn’t found. That’s right: itself doesn’t… have… structured… data.


Aaaaaanyway, unfortunately the current version doesn’t see the JSON-LD in Wirebird sites because I keep it in a separate file. It’s linked with a <script type="application/ld+json" src="appropriate.filename"></script> which AFAIK is valid. It cuts down on bloat for the non-structured viewer, and lets me consume the JSON easily without having to separate it from the page it’s embedded in - a proper client can navigate around in the JSON versions of the files without ever retrieving HTML.

I could wish the sniffer highlighted itself when there was data to view, but given the length of time the spinner runs when I do click on it before it displays the data, that would be way too much overhead. (This seems odd to me, because the whole point of structured data is that it should be easy for a machine to consume, but I’m not going to add researching that to my yak shaving.)