Anil likes blogging software and has some pretty good ideas, many of which Wirebird already hits on even as a minimum-viable. It’s not really viable, though, until my mom can stalk follow me on it, and leave passive-aggressive comments on it as easily as she can on Facebook. And then she has to be able to do the same for her other friends who, unlike me, won’t have websites of their own to host a readily-available Wirebird.

Anil phrases it better, though:

A Bootstrap-themed reading client app lives at my site, on my domain, and reads a single simple config file to learn how to display and navigate between those JSON assets. This client app would also have to handle URL routing and persisting states, while ideally also keeping preferences and reading history for readers.

No requirements for passive aggression there, but otherwise that’s exactly what Wirebird gets next. (Maybe it counts as a “persisting state.”)