And so it begins

January 22, 2015

The problem with looking for a job when you have a job (or your spouse does) is that there’s a certain lack of urgency. Carl literally hasn’t had to do a job search ever, and I haven’t had to do a job search (or hold a job) in a bunch of years. So we’ve kind of been procrastinating on actually sending out resumes. But yesterday I somewhat jokingly sent him a link to an ad from our hosting service, ha ha, we could move to New Jersey and work for Linode. I mean seriously, no one wants to live in New Jersey, it’s a running joke, right?


As I said on Twitter: places on the coast are just as imaginary, stereotyped, and/or caricatured to us mid-continental types as Kansas et al. is to people from the Big City. My sole experience with New Jersey is a visit to Ocean City’s boardwalk when I was barely old enough to remember it. And I had a vague idea about pine barrens and whatnot, but it didn’t really come to mind until I googled South Jersey and remembered it. Oh hey, that’s actually a pretty nice place. And housing is only about double what it is here. (Versus three to four times for, say, Portland OR.)

So Carl sent in a resume, and within two hours they emailed back to set up a phone interview. I’m trying not to be too optimistic; chances are pretty darn good they’re not looking for someone with quite Carl’s level of experience. But I set up a Perl/Java/Linux search for the area, which is probably also too optimistic in a different way: we’d have to sell this house, and probably finish the kiddo’s school year here, which means I shouldn’t be looking yet.

But the important thing is: we got the first resume actually sent out.

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