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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -7,12 +7,11 @@ #+OPTIONS: toc:nil #+OPTIONS: num:nil -* simplicialcomplex's home page -** Welcome! +* Welcome! I'm studying mathematics. My interests include algebraic topology and topological data analysis. -** don't know what to put here yet +* I don't know what to put here yet This page is made with [[][Org]]. This is cool and easy way to write pages in readable format and avoid html. The source code of the page is available [[][here]]. Have a look at [[][my gihhub page]] as well. @@ -20,4 +19,13 @@ Check out [[][my friend Denis's page]]. He's nice and a really good math tutor. - +#+BEGIN_EXPORT html +<!-- Begin Tilde Club Badge --> +<center> +<p><a href=""> +<img src="" border="0" + width="88" height="31" alt="Tilde Club Badge"> +</a></p> +</center> +<!-- End Tilde Club Badge --> +#+END_EXPORT