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My HP Pavilion a1000y Desktop Computer

Cosmetic Condition

Exterior Cosmetic Condition

This computer is in very rough cosmetic condition. It was in the trunk of a car for at least a year before I took ownership of it.

Following are exterior cosmetic shots of the computer.

Case Cover

Black Streak on Other Side of Case

White Streaks on Case Corner

Scrapes On Top Of Computer

More Scrapes

Dusty PSU Fan

I'm going to breakup the lines and lines of image links to say something about computers.

This computer has 6 ports on it that most computers today either don't have or are not going to have in a few years. The pink port is the parallel port. You usually connect up a printer here, though other common expansion devices that use this port are modems and external hard drives. Sometimes, DRM devices utilized this port. Another port is the serial port. You can find this today on servers and some business-grade hardware.

Another somewhat common port here is the VGA port. This can still be seen on a lot of desktop computers, but it (and DVI) is increasingly being phased out in favor of HDMI and DisplayPort connectors.

The green and purple ports at the top are PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports. These were introduced in 1987 when IBM introduced the Personal System/2 computer featuring these ports, hence the name PS/2. These are rarely seen on computers these days, but are still alive and well in laptops as an internal connector in a non-standard format to connect the keyboard and mouse.

Finally, the connector above the Ethernet port is a FireWire 1394 port. This has been completely phased out in favor of USB for data transfer. Cameras, camcorders, external hard drives, and various other devices used this port.

Back Of Computer

Another thing not commonly seen on computers today: a modem.

Bottom of Back of Computer

Rough-Looking Side of Case

Scraped Case Metal

More Case Side Abrasions

Badly Scraped Area of Case

Front Of Case, Also Scratched Up

Top Front, Also Scratched and Colored Very Oddly

Very Top Front with Severe Abrasion

Front Panel Ports, Not Scratched

2nd 5.25" Expansion Bay, Not Populated

Technically, this could be considered internal, but it's still part of a major exterior component of the case. Angry about this? Send complaints to /dev/null.

Other Side Of Removable Case Cover, Somehow Damaged

Case Cover II (not bothered to type the above again, but somehow I'm bothered to type this)

Case Cover III

Rear Inside of Case Cover

Expansion Card Retainer

Hard Drive- Installed In Place

Front Panel I/O Retainer Screw

Front Panel Power Button/Light and HDD Activity Light

Front Panel I/O

Stripped Down Case

System Spec Labels

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