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My HP Pavilion a1000y Desktop Computer

Cosmetic Condition

Interior Cosmetic Condition

The inside of this computer is actually very clean and looks good compared to the exterior. The motherboard is in pristine condition because it was new at the time of these photos being taken.

Following are interior shots of the computer, including it's internal components and expansion devices.

RAM Slots and Motherboard Model Number

A Closer Look

The PCI Slots and Realtek RTL8100C Fast Ethernet Controller

Intel 82801DB Northbridge

The missing pin is for a -5V rail, which is not present on motherboards or PSUs that are not equipped to power ISA slots.

ATX 20-Pin Power Connector

ATX 20-Pin Header

Front Panel Audio Cable

Chassis Fan Connector

Agere Systems 56k Modem

Backside of Modem

Optical Drive

HSF: Heatsink/Fan

CPU Socket and HSF Assembly Retainer

FSP FSP200-60ATV PSU As Installed

The CPU socket on this motherboard is Socket 478.

CPU Socket Labeling

The Motherboard's Southbridge

Front Panel FireWire 1394 Cable

Here's another thing that's extinct on modern computers: Compact Disc Digital Audio. Back in the 1990s and 2000s, the system's data bus(es) were carrying an everincreasing amount of data. High-quality, low-latency audio being routed over the system's data bus only worked well on the fastest of computers. As an alternative, optical drives had a connector on them to route audio over a different, much less congested bus, directly to the audio controller. Additionally, the optical drive would remain at a slow speed as it was only decoding the data from the CD and converting it to PCM (Pulse-Code Modulation) audio instead of extracting it.

As systems got faster and data buses grew in speed and bandwidth to accommodate more data, the optical drive was taken into consideration. As a result, the data bus grew to handle the bandwidth requirements of extracted audio flowing from the optical drive in realtime, eliminating the need for the CDDA ports and cables. They then faded into computing history.

Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA) Input Cable

Front Panel Power Switch, Power LED and HDD LED Connector

Front Panel USB Ports Connector

HI-POT OK means that the PSU has passed high-potential electrical testing. Unsure about ATE OK.

Power Supply Certification Stickers

This suggests that this PSU has EMI and RFI filtering installed, which reduces electrical interference from switching devices and other components in it.


Seagate ST340015A 40GB IDE HDD

HP Part Numbers for the Seagate HDD

Another HP Part Number

Seagate ST340015A 40GB IDE HDD Controller Board

Samsung SD-616 IDE DVD Reader

Samsung DVD Reader- More Labels

Samsung DVD Reader- Connection Labels

Samsung DVD Reader- Connection Labels II

Samsung DVD Reader- Power Connector Label

Samsung DVD Reader- Connectors

The CD_IN and AUX_IN headers are more artifacts of the CDDA subsystem.

More Computing Artifacts and Realtek ALC658 Audio Controller

Front Panel Audio Header

A Closer Look at the AUX_IN Header and Piezoelectric Squeaker Can Mounting Location

Front Panel FireWire 1394 Header

A Closer Look at the Realtek RTL8100C Fast Ethernet Controller

An IC With an Unknown Purpose


A Closer Look at the Realtek ALC658 Audio Controller

This Motherboard's BIOS EEPROM

Piezoelectric Squeaker Can

Front Panel Power Button, Power LED and HDD LED Header

Front Panel USB Header

CMOS Battery

Here are more bygone pieces of computing history, no longer present in modern computers.

VIA VT6307 FireWire 1394 Controller

40 Pin IDE Connectors

34 Pin Floppy Drive Connector

This is also called a Berg connector.

4 Pin Floppy Connector

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Last updated: Saturday, July 25, 2020