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Looking to join? We can't wait to meet you! §

Sign up on our main page https://tilde.club/signup!

Several alternate sites have sprouted up

How did this accidentally awesome thing get started? §

Paul wrote an explanation on Medium and you can follow along with his thinking on his tilde blog.

I'm on Tilde, now what? §

Tilde has a great community culture and we're trying hard to keep it that way. We're working on some netiquette outlines for people who are new to all of this. In the meantime...

  • no drama. be respectful. have fun. we're all trying, and we're all in this together :)

Got it, don't be a jerk. But how do I, like, do things? §

Here are some good places to start

Who are all these folks and what are they up to? §

How do you pronounce "tilde"? §

Tilde the word is pronounced TIL-duh. Tilde the community is pronounced TIL-dee.

We can't wait to meet you. Seriously.

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