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If fellow clubbers have some lore, please mutt it to me. Also! check out tilde tips and tricks by ~pfhawkins

I am exploring every tilde page on my home page web log, in alphabetical order.

historical artifacts

How to cope

basics ~anthonydpaul has a primer and ~procload has it going on

so much wall — broadcast messages too much? open a separate session and type mesg n. that session will be mercifully clear of all wall messages except your own (and pauls if he is walling as root).

hop on IRC for better group chat. Type scrollz at the command line, then hit /join #tildeclub to enter the main channel.

sftp works so you can edit with your favourite local editor separate from your terminal sessions.

mutt works. to send mail to other local users:

  1. So start it by typing mutt
  2. Type m to mail someone (see the command help bar at the top).
  3. enter the username only (no ~ or @ or anything)
  4. vi will start. You need to type i to enter "insert mode" so you can start typing your message. (a quick vi primer)
  5. type ESC when done (to exit insert mode) then type :w and ENTER to write out your message, then :q to close vi.
Note you can send mail out to any normal email but can’t receive it from anyone except other tilde user accounts.

Usenet!People are posting on our own newsgroups. Follow instructions to use pine or slrn.


Sep 16, 2019 — The server is under new management, they have a new mailing list that is slaughtering all of our inboxes, people are happy about it, mystic crystal revelation and the mind’s true liberation 🤟

Oct 23, 2014 — Sister-server totallynuclear.club just totally upped their game with an awesome jukebox. And if things seem kind of quiet on tilde.club lately: well, the activity has spread into several places but one growing activity-sink is people spinning up their own servers. There were six on that list on Oct 13 and now I count sixteen. Dave Rutledge wonders about Dark Tilde but interestingly most of tilde is already “dark” or at least “twilight” in some sense.

Oct 21, 2014— Been kinda quiet but tilde.clubbers be like

Oct 17, 2014 — In a kind of "Mr Watson, come here I want to see you" moment, at 11:04pm GMT on October 16 the root account on another tilde server tilde.town posted these words "very broke wow" to the tilde.foo newsgroup.

Oct 16, 2014 — ~whitneymcn created tilde whoville some time ago, and ~cortex is hoping to create customizeable pixel art version. have you seen Alice?

Oct 15, 2014 — We have USENET in a teapot folks. Check out ~cortex's instructions for getting started with NNTP in pine. I’ve also typed up my own instructions for using slrn as a news reader. News server support could be kind of a big deal and also a way for users on various tilde servers to communicate with each other.

THIS IS a good time to note: community is happening on IRC and “newsgroups” now as well as wall, email and blogs. Try out IRC if you haven’t already!

Oct 12, 2014 — the discussion should the wall be private is happening, which is actually a much larger discussion about how we community. maybe ford had the key to the whole gordian knot when he typed in that first email “I doubt I'll let more than a hundred or two hundred people on the system because randos ruin.” not that the additional people are themselves bad but big groups mean rules and enforcement, and talking more about rules and enforcement than about anything else, which is sad to me. i don't think we're at that point yet though, and we have super good people discussing it from multiple healthy perspectives. meanwhile ~pfhawkins writes: looks like the germans are on to us.

Oct 10, 2014 — there are just a lot of us now! the glorious an inevitable expansion of the .clubs has begun. It was inevitable, and we should welcome our fellow .club servers, promoting peace through hospitality and collaboration. just, god, no brands.

ADDENDUM: meanwhile what have we here? a flourishing coral reef of blogs that’s what. rabbit, meet hole. ~cortex is compiling a list of not-blog weird shit tildes, which seem to be the yin to blogs’ yang around here. before i wedge yet another metaphor in this paragraph i should close by adding that it was ~cortex who came up with ‘swintons’.

Oct 07, 2014The Original Outage. thought of calling it ‘the great outage’ or ‘the first outage’ but although we've only had one, we are likely to have more and bigger ones. the homepage got the Halloween Amber treatment. what to call ourselves? 'tildenizens' was one, but they're saying 'swintons' has stuck and i like it. tilde.club was got a bunch of upvotes at producthunt. (hat tip to ~quid for those last two!)

Oct 04, 2014 — tilde.club crashed briefly, and was rebooted. while it might seem the perpetrator's name should be documented, it's also true that this place is not about blame its about livomg your best life.

Oct 03, 2014 — ~ford revealed the emerging social. Discussion: where did finger come from? ~pmg had the answer.

Oct 02, 2014 — ~englishm, ~jeffbonhag and ~jdherg figured out how to watch ASCII Star Wars over a shared session. The command to connect was tmux -S /tmp/starwars attach-session -t starwars.

Oct 01, 2014 — paul is spending too much time here and will presumably be dialing back his involvement somewhat. sad but understandable.

Sep 30, 2014 — we tried bash chat as a replacement for wall. worked great to start, but it developed a nasty siezure-inducing flicker.

tables for layout yay