So yeah, Factorio stole my Columbus Day weekend.

I place all blame on ~audiodude, who knowingly, willfully, and intentionally set up and promoted a server last week. Fortunately, it’s only up on the weekends. (Unfortunately, Factorio does have a single player mode…)

Shortly after launch, ~audiodude, ~benharri, and I had set up a basic factory and were having a grand old time optimizing and expanding it. I took down some quotes for your enjoyment.

Regarding time investment:

It’s just time.

Start over!

No, that’s too easy.

Soonish, like in the next couple hours.

Alright, we’re gonna have to move everything over one column.

Regarding design and engineering:

If you’re not writing bugs, you’re not writing code.

I think it’s very close to being cool.

New and improved belt machine! Now with belts!

I’m just gonna double this up, then.

I learned that one from a YouTube video.


You’re an arborcidal maniac.

Basically, steel ore is iron plates.

Smelt, smelt, smelt, smelt!

I just built a car!

I am gonna split a brick.

Also, I elected to record two or so hours of solo play on the server and compress it into a timelapse. I took one frame every ten seconds, and the result is played at four frames per second. You can find that here. (Caution: ~200 MB)

Joking aside, Factorio is tons of fun, and even moreso with like-minded companions. We welcome any tildezens who may wish to play with us. Also, check out the wiki.