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BFF has broken up. No more to say. Go to Frank Maynard's site for details. This site will be closed as a result. I will leave it up, but I will not update it anymore. Thanks for anyone who came to check this out.


So I have not been doing any updating for a while, sorry. I am going to have to put this on haitus for at least another month as I am starting a new web project. I think that's okay since there isn't much going on. I will be back though.


Our three little pigs will be playing "Barrytown" on David Letterman on July 19th. Everyone be happy. I also have at least one new tour date. They are playing Summerfest July 9th in Milwaukee. More news when it happens.


Darren will be doing a solo date in NYC on June 27th at 9PM at the Fez. A good time shall be had by all.


Long time no news, I know. It's been quiet though. First, BFF is playing Summersonic 2000 Festival in Tokyo August 5-6 with the Eels, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Green Day, the Flaming Lips and more! They are also contributing a song to a new soundtrack from a movie called "100 Girls." It is an original. Check out their site. Another fun tidbit is that Ben will be in one of those Priceline ads with William Shattner. I will add more news this week because there is other stuff I am forgetting.


Ben Folds Five will be contributing a song to an upcoming tribute album for Paul McCartney. There isn't a whole lot of information out there right now, but a tenative list of artists has surfaced on the Owsley email list via Bud Owsley. It is here. You can also check out this great Paul McCartney site for updates. They don't have much or any info right now, but they will probably have it when it gets there.


There were 5 other tour dates announced today thanks to Frank Maynard. Check out the tour page for any details I got.


It is official. BFF has one tour date as of now. April 29th, 2000 w/ Guster. Up to the minute tour coverage at the tour page.


I just found out that the boys will be touring in April and May. YES! WOOHOO! umm...YES! Anyway, this is as much as I know now, but when I know more, you will too.


Well, obviously there aren't a whole lot of people visiting my site, but that's okay. Anyway, Snuzz has a new tour date so I thought I would throw that up on the tour page. Feb. 18th.


So I am going to try and amass a whole bunch of concert photos for this website. So if you have photos and would like to share them with me, I would be greatly appreciative (and give you credit, of course). I think that concert photos rule and should be shared and easily accessible. So TELL ME if you have any photos or know of any on the web. Thanks ya'll.


Welcome to February. I added an article and that's about it for now. Everything seems to be quiet right now, but I am just waiting for them to release Magic as a single...



Old News

If you ever need to contact me with questions or coments...mbjacobs@students.wisc.edu



-BFF no longer exists.

-Ben contributed a song to the new movie, "100 Girls."

-BFF playing Summersonic 2000 Festival in Tokyo August 5-6

-BFF has a song on the soundtrack to 'Me, Myself and Irene,' the new Farelly Bros. movie. The song is called Barrytown and is a Steely Dan cover and the album is to be released in the beginning of May.


A wonderful site devoted to a girl who died fairly recently of a rare form of cancer. There is a Charity Record coming out soon to celebrate her life. Ben Folds Five contributed a song to the album.


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