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Protected Text Backup

I really like service ProtectedText.com1. Its convenient way to store encrypted text and keep easy access to it, as notes are editable in browser, and can be opened from any device. Keep non-critical passwords there, or use it to share credentials.

Url is protected by https, encryption is done on client side (in your browser), and they keep code readable so you can review it yourself.

Only concern I have, that this nice service may be closed one day.

So I've created Script to backup ProtectedText


  • Can backup multiple secrets
  • If file is changed, keep previous version with date postfix
  • Only backups once per day
  • On success pings https://healthchecks.io/ so you'll be notified in case something goes wrong.

Files Can be decrypted using commandline:

base64 -d BACKUP_FILE | openssl aes-256-cbc -d -k PASSWORD

Source on Github

  1. It had alternative - keymemo.com but its less usable and seems not to be supported any more. 

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