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Double Commander

Double Commander doesn't look as bad as at first glance if you configure it properly! Looks modern, right?

And it's still the best file manager in Linux. Tuning and configuration possibilities are endless. If you invest some time learning non-always-obvious configuration, you can make it work exactly as you want. Sweet.

Here list of necessary features that exist in Double Commander, but were missing in other file managers I've tried: DolphinSpacefmPcmanfmmcRangerCajafman

  • Integration with OS.
    • Open with respects system settings
  • Two panel layout
    • Most logical layout for file manager
  • Support Mouse back and forward buttons
    • Sometimes I feel lazy and want use mouse.
  • Single instance mode
    • Hate when there is a clutter of multiple open windows. Tabs were invented for that.
  • Search as you type filter
    • Extremely useful feature. When you start typing, only files that match filter are shown. Saves a lot of time.
    • OptionsKeysLettersQuick Filter
    • OptionsQuick Search Filter → Uncheck all Exact name match
  • Custom actions:
    • Even if you hide toolbar, you can bind buttons to hot keys
    • OptionsToolbarNew Button
  • It even has command palette!
    • OptionsKeysHot Keys → bind do_AnyCmCommand to some key combination
  • Integration with Fish shell
  • Possibility to show thumbnails and quick view.
    • How you work with photos without thumbnails?
  • Show file progress for long operations
  • Native working with archives
  • Files are blinking when updated by other app

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