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Brutal Doom Tips

Holidays are the best1 time to play games. If you are playing Brutal Doom this holidays, here are some tips for you! (If you don't know what's Brutal Doom for Doom 2, just skip this post)

First, check out my port of Quad Barrel "Cannon" Shotgun. Ported from LOS, in my opinion, is the best shotgun ever created for Doom. Read more in description.

Second, if you are stuck in an unfair custom map on nightmare difficulty, and there are literally too many monsters to continue, instead of using traditional cheats just type: spawn mech. It will bring an armored mecha robot (where you can get in) and use 4 powerful weapons to restore balance. If this is not enough (or you are bored) try to jump and squash enemies Metal Slug style!

[IMG:Brutal Doom Mech (333kB)] [SHOW ALL]

Last, a long time ago, I wrote useful script to run gzdoom with various configurations/wads.

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