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Maybe I don’t want (to be) the best

May 19, 2022 — ~hifikuno

I was reading an article about Botique Search Engines when I came across a specific line that resonated with me:

The problem, now so drastically different from a decage ago, is not what to read/buy/eat/watch/etc., but figuring out the best thing to read/buy/eat/watch/etc. with my limited time and attention.

This stuck with me because so often I find myself wasting hours looking for the best fantasy novel to read, the best workout routine to do, the best method of learning a new language. And guess what? I still barely read books, I still barely do any exercise, and I still don’t know any other languages.

How much of life do I miss by looking for the best? How many shows or games have I consumed that don’t actually appear in any Best Of lists, yet I still thoroughly enjoyed?

Somehow I don’t think the great novelist became great by only reading the best novels. Or famous singers only listen to the best songs. So why, in my mediocrity, do I think that my time deserves nothing but the best?

It is high time I stop looking for the best in life, and just starting looking for the things in life. Otherwise I feel life will just pass me by.

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Pinephone Keyboard Case!!

May 04, 2022 — ~hifikuno

Today my keyboard case arrived for my Pinephone. It works really well and really transforms the phone into a tiny laptop/pda. I am actually writing this post from my Pinephone.

One huge benefit (besides the keyboard itself) is that you no longer lose screen realestate from the virtual keyboard. This makes using the Pinephone in landscape much more pleasant.

There are a few things I still need to sort out. For instance, I have no idea how to use the symbols under the number keys. The manual says to press the super key and the corresponding number, but all that does is change the desktop (I’m using Arch and sxmo btw).

The next thing I would like to change is Firefox. The URL bar and the tabs take up nearly a third of the screen. When you then add whatever menu bar the website adds on top you are left with precious little room for actual content. What I would like to do is hide the tab bar altogether, and only show the URL when I press ctrl (plus) L. (the plus symbol s under the 0…)

All in all, so far the keyboard seems neat!

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I like to ride my bicycle

February 11, 2022 — ~hifikuno

Not to long ago I went up to my in-laws for the Christmas holidays. While there, something remarkable happened: I lost weight. It wasn’t much, but it was enough that both myself and my wife could notice the difference. Now I don’t actually own a set of scales in the house so I have no idea how much I weigh, or how much I lost.

But this little bonus has motivated me to try keep the weight off, and possibly lose a little more. So, I have decided to ride my bicycle to work. I ended up buying a nice bike off a lovely fellow for just over $200aud. This thing is amazing, carbon forks, fancy shifters levers that double as the brakes. It’s fancy.

I have yet to actually ride it to work yet, as I need to still grab a bike lock (and a softer saddle). This is really the first time in my life I have taken an active interest in my health.

It’s not just fitness either, I’ve also given up alcohol (we’ll see how long that last…), stopped drinking anything besides water, milk and coffee, and focused on healthier foods. I hope all this has the impact I am looking for.

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Start of the Blog

February 09, 2022 — ~hifikuno

I have recently joined the Tildeverse, I think I joined a little under a week ago and now I have joined as of today. Today’s society feels so large and fast and disconnected. The appeal of a small(ish) community with a focus on socializing and fun projects was too good to pass up.

Lately I have been trying to steer away from the “traditional” internet sources of mindless scrolling. Things like Facebook, Reddit, YouTube. This feels like a step in the right direction

So who am I? Well, I’m a 30ish year old dude who’s pretending he is a data engineer. I really enjoy my job, but I have always seen a job as nothing more than an income. I don’t want my job to define who I am. I want my projects, and my interactions to do that for me.

Speaking of projects, my current project is an ambient light display. It will consist of about eight segments in a circular configuration. I’m powering it with a generic ESP32 development board that is running the WLED library. It works out pretty well because I thought I would have to program all of that myself, but someone else has already done all the hard work for me.

I will post photos soon, and maybe a build log.

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