I'm Kevin Faul and this is my ~ page. This is my first hand-written web page and I'm excited to be part of it. October 10. foggy in seattle. high 65. silky air. wish you were here. This background image is from a project I've been working on. Found this page. ~ is quickly becoming my favorite learning platform.
October 14. Met ~Monk on Twitter.
He suggested nested tables.
Oct. 29. Wow! So long since the last update. I'd like to spend more time on the ~. Maybe this Sunday I can jump on and mess around a little bit. Cell7 Cell8 Cell9 Cell10
Cell11 Cell12 Cell13 Cell14 Cell15 Cell16 Cell17 Cell18 Cell19 Cell20
Cell21 Cell22 Cell23 Cell24 Cell25 Cell26 Cell27 Cell28 Cell29 Cell30
Cell31 Cell32 Cell33 Cell34 Cell35 Cell36 Cell37 Cell38 Cell39 Cell40
Cell41 Cell42 Cell43 Cell44 Cell45 Cell46 Cell47 Cell48 Cell49 Cell50
Cell51 Cell52 Cell53 Cell54 Cell55 Cell56 Cell57 Cell58 Cell59 Cell60

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