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~~~hi i’m cool~~~~

I Just logged in with my secure internet shell to change this file!

This is Laura.

do you want to hear about the dream i had where me and LW (Hyperlink) were at Coney Island with Michael Fassbender?


My friend Max also has a cool website here (Hyperlink).It's about Sandman a good comic book series. Well, I've heard that, I've never read all of it.

I know it probably seems like I'm a hacker or something since my site looks so great, but actually I'm just learning, which is why there aren't a lot of cool images on my site like there are on Lindsey's and Max's. But, for now, you should imagine two images on this site. One is of my cool buddy Zelda who is REALLY pretty but she's mad because her hat fell down over her eyes and the other is of an ad with Julia Roberts on it for Lindsey's celebrity site. Bye for now.

My other friend John Mahoney likes to write about Wikipedia pages. (Hyperlink)..

Wait, before I go today I should say one thing which is that imagine ONE more image here. It's of an 8 pound brindle Chihuahua. Some people say that's big for a Chihuahua, and it ison the larger side but she's NOT overweight. The dog's name is Penny. Are you imaginging her?

This is my last update for today and only if you refresh from earlier will you see it. Even though it's only 9:30 I'm going to bed because I have a cold. Today my friend Lindsey paid me $3 to implement an ad for her site on my site, so tomorrow I'm going to learn to put images here. That is going to be exciting and I bet cool and educational. It's quiet.

Wow no updates in DAYS I'm sorry readers, I came down with a bug as did my cool buddy Zelda. But I wanted to update my site today to say one important thing.>

Happy Birthday Max you're pretty cool

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