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This is a now page. Updated 2020-05-18.


Lockdown rules have been relaxed here in Italy as of this week. Thankfully, however, my Company has agreed to extend the WFH period for us. I don't fancy commuting on a busy and late train.

I also think it is a good decision in general, and I am hoping the benefits of supporting this long term will be clear.

We released a lot of interesting projects last month, and new releases are coming this month. Normally it would be pretty exciting - now there is the added relief that we are doing OK and our jobs aren't at risk.

It is a great privilege to have, and I am deeply thankful. I am working as hard as I can, I want to do everything I can to make sure we geth everyone through OK.


Been using my ~tilde-club~ space to do some experimenting.

One would be tweeting from a decentralised server, using a text only script. This is the most minimal form of micro-blogging I have ever experimented, even more minimal than gopher, yet it works really well for me.

I would like to use both my tilde and my Pi4 to learn new tricks. I don't know if I will make anything special, but it's the learning process I am interested in.

Our Curse of Strahd D&D campaing is still on covid-19 hiatus.

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