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Guess what... I've started working on the instagram clone again. yay
I came home from a vacation in poland a day ago, so time for more work. I've uploaded the current state of my image album project here, and as always
click the click me button to check it out. All i can say is that i've started finishing up the frontend for it, and can't wait to start on the dreaded back end
Hope i make some internal tools for login and publishing here, because it's also not so fun writing this blog thingy in pure html.
If you want to message me for some reason on discord, here's my username .ctrl_c let's chat!
anyways, stay tuned!


This is the day i found out about gemini. Kidna sad they don't support images (to my limited knowledge)
I've thought of something... I have a pretty old and underpowered server that is unused.
I'd like to turn into a minecraft server for all tildes (Yes this means that the instagram clone/picture library project will take longer to complete. Im sorry that i'm so unfocused)
What i'm thinking is that i'd somehow try to replicate the idea the tilde server goes by.

An idea of mine is that random people can join, but will be in adventure mode, or soemthing like that but that tildes who send their mc usernames to me via email, get to have OP on the server.
I think these people are responsible enough to not screw with the server too much, especially when they already are on tilde.club I feel like this idea would allow anyone who wants to play in survival, do that, but anyone who wants to play in creative can also do that.

My server will be weak, when it has 8gb of ram, and only 2 cores, but i think it should work. I've heard people here are prettyy cheap when it comes to system resources, so i hope this should work out.

Yesterday, i've started prepping the server, trying to install ubuntu server on it. I had many inconveniances troughout the install process. Installer running into errors trying to install ubuntu, installer crashing, my network card just suddenly cease to work, etc
Today, i tried installing crafty controller on that server, and again, problems. The script they provide worked as expected, but i couldn't start any of the jar files.
So today, i've used an entire day trying, and failing to install different versions of java.
I remember hosting my mc server form that jank box on windows, and it went smoothly, but it seems like ubuntu doesn't like me. Now i could try to host this on windows, but windows sucks away my ram. ~4gb of usage on idle vs ubuntu server with ~200mb usage.
Personally, i could host it on the 4gb chunk of ram, but that's not going to work if i get more than 4 or so players.


Yay i've made progress. Not much progress, but still. This page has been empty for a while, and i've not decided to make a new homepage (yet!).

Anyways... I've started to work on a nice page to display my pictures (i love photography). It all started because my parents wanted me to post them on facebook,
but facebook ruins my photos with ugly compression artifacts (i also hate facebook)
So now i'm making a clone of instagram so that my parents can see my pictures without compression
If you want to see the project, click the "Click me" button above the log.
ps, the test photo is one i took recently on a trip to copenhagen

Oh BTW i might make a separate version of the instagram clone, so that others can share their photos too

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