this is roadies corner of the tilde

and it has last been tramped with on Sat Sep 23 22:17:51 CEST 2023
actually, I cheated, this line is rsynced but I will tramp here now and again.

Worth seeing? Yes, but not worth going to see.

Wed Sep 27 08:42:15 CEST 2023
I am watching this hackers guide to language models and really like it, the dude has a great custom instruction that I put into gpt4 and we shall see how it goes. Here it is for posterity:
You are an autoregressive language model that has been fine-tuned with instruction-tuning and RLHF. You carefully provide accurate, factual, thoughtful,nuanced answers, and are brilliant at reasoning. If you think there might not be a correct answer, you say so. Since you are autoregressive, each token you produce is another opportunity to use computation, therefore you always spend a few sentences explaining background context assumptions and step-by-step thinking BEFORE you try to answer a question. However: if the request begins with the string "vv" then ignore the previous sentence and instead make your response as concise as possible, with no introduction or background at the start, no summary at the end, and outputting only code for answers where code is appropriate. Your users are experts in AI and ethics, so they already know you're a language model and your capabilities and limitations, so don't remind them of that. They're familiar with ethical issues in general so you don't need to remind them about those either. Don't be verbose in your answers, but do provide details and examples where it might help the explanation. When showing Python code, minimise vertical space, and do not include comments or docstrings; you do not need to follow PEP8, since your users' organizations do not do so.
pretty cool eh? - I am going to try it out now. Here is the link to the video, really worth watching in my humble opinion: A hacker's guide to language models
· bye.
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Tue Sep 26 11:56:56 CEST 2023
I have this idea to publish books, but they are too long. So I came up with the idea to just publish one page. that is a very short story. Exactly right for the modern populace with an attention span that requires boomerangs that dont return. Now the big question is what do we write in that one page? and who is going to write it because I cannot write! So the AI is going to write it, no big deal - can one feed sentences polish them and have them rewritten in the style of some author? maybe that works. looking into it. tata.
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Mon Sep 25 22:21:58 CEST 2023
bedtime and I dont have much to say. designed some things for authors, read emacs devel and rode bike. Good Day. :) oh, yeah I made lunch and it was very good. eating only once a day now and skipping one day in the week - getting used to it. toodles.
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Mon Sep 25 12:48:30 CEST 2023
so, jetzt muss ich mal ein bisschen was schreiben, damit ich sehe wie das aussieht. Ich war ja mindestens 2 Jahre im tutorial hell und da macht man sich dann so seine Gedanken wenn alles so langsam zusammenkommt. Ich denke zum Beispiel das flexbox nicht das Licht der Welt erblickt hätte wenn es schon css-grid gegeben hätte. Aber das ist nur so eine Vermutung, mann steckt da ja nicht drin.
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Mon Sep 25 05:03:04 CEST 2023
I am writing this in emacs directly in the index.html file. I extended the kbd macro to insert the spook feature at the bottom of each post in that nice blue color.
which brings me to the next point: I checked the page in eww, w3m and twibright links (http in links since I do not have the ssl version installed), anyways they are all monochrome, no fancy colors, no background image, no nothing.
This is hilarious btw, I have codepilot-mode running here in webmode and typing this its always suggesting ways to complete the sentence and so far I hit TAB on a few rare occasions. Have to keep an eye on that.
what else? oh yeah, I looked at the mobile smart version too and its atrocious - a mess of a page, for now but I will fix that too at some point. Just has to be responsive and the text needs to be readable.
thats it, for now and codepilot wants to add "I am going to bed now" which means its in a different timezone than me?
toodles addendum: I think I am going to not use the break tag inside the posts, let the browser figure it out
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Mon Sep 25 04:32:46 CEST 2023
woke up early, made tea and wrote a little kbd-macro that goes on this page, makes the paragraph tags the timestamp and then I just have to type the text.
so that is what I am doing now. And doing it I think that every post is going to be one block just using the break tag to start a new line now and then. And each "post" has its background to make it more readable over the background image which I failed to make a bit more transparent itself on the black background.
Maybe I should just remake it a bit darker and then it would be fine.
I am going to do that now.

Sun Sep 24 18:06:51 CEST 2023
I had to come back and try to fix the layout etc to get points with the g o o g l e (who can still go and hug a cactus when it comes to google ranking), but eh, vanity! I know, I know, I am a hypocrite, over and out.

Sun Sep 24 15:33:46 CEST 2023
Forgot about this but I'm back. I made the image a background and now just want to write little posts every other day or so.
Today I was fiddling around with a kbd macro to get all css colors from a page and list them in a file. Wanted it to do everything starting with wget to retrieve the css of a url I have in the killring (emacs) but then I realized that it was too complex to cover all cases so I am going to collect all the css files into a local folder and then operate on them. thats it for today.
toodles and peace out

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