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November 30, 2020 — Allen

I've got the bones of the results/profile page working. I had thought that I would use React for this. I typically like to create a new project with a new tool to help me learn it, but it seems like React doesn't expect there to be DOM modifications, which seems highly contradictory to me (see my previous post about needing to re-think the browser). Plus, this page is very static; it simply takes the given input and renders out the page. So, I'm actually not using any libraries at all (so far). I think I'm going to forego implementing modifiers right now and add in the ability to input raw values. Then I need to cobble together a form page to generate the code. For that, I think I will try using React. Then I'll publish the first draft.


  • add user-provided values
  • create questionnaire form in React
  • publish
  • add value modifiers
  • find a raw "opinion" representation (meter/gauge, emoticons, etc)

Tags: WIP

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