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I tried; I really tried

December 07, 2020 — Allen

I really wanted to use React components on my form. I wanted to use React in a project to learn more about it since I'm forced to use React at work. But, at work, we don't use many libraries and they have the build system already which includes Babel (which I still refuse to use in my personal work). And these toolchains have gotten out of control. It's using the packager to run the transpiler, to parse the pseudo-languages…to catch the spider, to catch the fly… So, bottom line, the JavaScript toolchains are an unusable mess and I will not voluntarily learn any of it.

The final approach I took was using some React to generate the form, and jQuery UI sliders with React refs instead of the Material UI stuff. That approach is working alright, everything's pretty nicely buttoned up, and I don't have to play with the Web-Babel nonsense. I'll leave it at that and piss off the new grad, 20-somethings that think the way they learned is the right way.

Tags: whining

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