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Navigable Webring

September 26, 2020 — Allen

I've improved my webring code to scan for members, server side. There's, of course, nothing wrong with ~harper's web ring (and I absolutely love that it uses an imgmap, so I've added one to mine, too), but I really wanted to be able to have "next" and "prev" to make it a true "ring". My first approach was to have the client scan the member pages. Horribly inefficient, but the only way that occurred to me with the tools I knew of. Then I discovered that the home dirs are all open and confirmed on IRC that this is an open community, so that was by design. So I've got a server side script to scan members' index.html for links to my webring and that's so much better.

Once the web started getting locked down (for very good reason), I lamented the cool hacks that I couldn't do anymore. I used to do HTML and script injection "attacks" on sites, but to do cool, enhancing things that people liked and found useful. Then the bad guys had to use those abilities to do evil, disruptive things and we had to take them away. I love that this place exists where cool things are still allowed (like scanning all the users' home dirs). Every site tries to talk about the "community" they want their users to create for them, but this is the first community I've actually wanted to participate in.

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