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How to use port-forwarding for tilde.club internal IRC

This assumes you're using a Mac or Linux machine and connecting to tilde.club from a terminal. Similar port forwarding configuration options should exist in all ssh clients, though.
  1. In ~/.ssh/config (the important bit is the LocalForward line):
    Host tilde.club
        User agray 
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/tildeclub
        LocalForward 6667 irc:6667
    This means that when I connect to port 6667 on my laptop it will be forwarded to port 6667 on the machine that tilde.club refers to as irc.
  2. In your desktop IRC client (I'm using Adium) set up a new IRC account with:
    • Nickname: agray (change this to your tilde.club username)
    • Hostname:
  3. That's it! Now when you're ssh-ed into tilde.club you can use that IRC account to connect to the tilde.club irc server!

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