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Pinephone Keyboard Case!!

May 04, 2022 — ~hifikuno

Today my keyboard case arrived for my Pinephone. It works really well and really transforms the phone into a tiny laptop/pda. I am actually writing this post from my Pinephone.

One huge benefit (besides the keyboard itself) is that you no longer lose screen realestate from the virtual keyboard. This makes using the Pinephone in landscape much more pleasant.

There are a few things I still need to sort out. For instance, I have no idea how to use the symbols under the number keys. The manual says to press the super key and the corresponding number, but all that does is change the desktop (I’m using Arch and sxmo btw).

The next thing I would like to change is Firefox. The URL bar and the tabs take up nearly a third of the screen. When you then add whatever menu bar the website adds on top you are left with precious little room for actual content. What I would like to do is hide the tab bar altogether, and only show the URL when I press ctrl (plus) L. (the plus symbol s under the 0…)

All in all, so far the keyboard seems neat!

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