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                                  j::::jo:::::::::::::::o e::::::eeeee:::::eel::::l  d::::::::::::::::d 
    ~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~           j::::jo:::::ooooo:::::oe::::::e     e:::::el::::l d:::::::ddddd:::::d 
  ~~:::::::::~  ~:::::~           j::::jo::::o     o::::oe:::::::eeeee::::::el::::l d::::::d    d:::::d 
 ~:::::~~:::::~~:::::~            j::::jo::::o     o::::oe:::::::::::::::::e l::::l d:::::d     d:::::d 
~:::::~  ~::::::::::~             j::::jo::::o     o::::oe::::::eeeeeeeeeee  l::::l d:::::d     d:::::d 
~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~              j::::jo::::o     o::::oe:::::::e           l::::l d:::::d     d:::::d 
                                  j::::jo:::::ooooo:::::oe::::::::e         l::::::ld::::::ddddd::::::dd
                                  j::::jo:::::::::::::::o e::::::::eeeeeeee l::::::l d:::::::::::::::::d
                                  j::::j oo:::::::::::oo   ee:::::::::::::e l::::::l  d:::::::::ddd::::d
                                  j::::j   ooooooooooo       eeeeeeeeeeeeee llllllll   ddddddddd   ddddd
                        jjjj      j::::j                                                                
                       j::::jj   j:::::j                                                                

My pages

tildenizens swintons

I first found ~ford's site ftrain.com while trawling the web from the terminal at my local library in the late 90s. I spend a very pleasant coffee with ~schussat, but before that we were both on TextDrive. Other textdrivers: ~kjell and (I'm pretty sure) ~snortasprocket .

Minnesotans — ~kjell, ~wjc, ~kronick

web log

Oct 04, 2014 — I am of two minds whether to use CSS here.

Oct 01, 2014 — first chance to really work on my pages. hanging out at my friend's upper room in minneapolis. jess and i started a thing a few years ago called creativity night where people were supposed to come hang out and paint or write or whatever but it quickly devolved into people just being social and not doing anything creative at all. goodwin's creative thing tonight was creating exotic pizzas on dominos website and almost ordering them. my wife and i still carry the torch though, she's drawing/painting.

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