When I first joined tilde.club, there was plenty of discussion on what people were going to do with their tildes. I figured I would use it as an excuse to blog some. But I couldn’t just use any fancy off-the-shelf blogging solution, oh no; I needed to write my own blog software.

After a couple months of not blogging, here I am using an off-the-shelf solution.

If you weren’t blogging, then what were you doing with your tilde?

I started off just compiling a list of cool things that people were doing with their tildes, as well as instructions on how to do cool things to ones tilde. Just editing fugly HTML4 in vim, like one does.

Next, I took a detour into horrific kludgy scripting and made a disk usage leaderboard.

Finally, I noticed on twitter that folks weren’t waiting for ~ford to do something about the waitlist, and were just starting up their own tilde servers. So I started listing them.

I like to make lists.

Since I was the first to start listing other tildes, one thing led to another, and it soon became the canonical list of tilde servers. I never meant to start a canonical list, just a list. It snowballed into ~globz and I getting all the tilde operators in touch with each other and ready for ~ford to tell his waitlist that sorry, there’s no more room at the inn, but there’s some more inns down the way.

So now you’re blogging?

Yeah. Blogging. This will probably end up being a place for me to dump news about happenings across the "tildeverse". It’ll be a bit meta that way. I’ve never been one to just spill on all my personal stuff that’s going on. I like my blogs to be about ideas, or things. Even people sometimes. But rarely, if ever, me.