I was reviewing the old blog archives in hopes of remembering where I left off with everything, and realized I kind of left some loose ends. Okay, a lot of loose ends.

  • The math got better: insurance covered what we needed it to, and transferred to the new employer (with a brief review period to give us anxiety attacks, but at least the manufacturer covered us during that time).
  • Carl (~raven) did in fact get offered the job (obviously). He moved up here right away, son and I took a little longer (end of school year).
  • The LibraryBox hardware ended up serving as Carl’s local wifi device. Now I’m not quite sure what to do with it. We’re on the edge of the apartment complex, and it doesn’t seem quite right to broadcast mostly into empty woods, especially when apartment complexes are crowded enough bandwidth-wise. I’d still kind of like to build a better infrastructure for it, but if I don’t have a direct personal application for it it’ll probably get triaged onto a back burner.
  • Oasis has somewhat the same problem; I’ve moved away from my network of grocery-starting/grocery-owning folks.
  • That leaves Pumpkin Spice, the social media thingummy (or “jawn,” as I guess they say around here). It’s still puttering away where I left it, polling all of tilde for almost-nonexistent updates.

    I need to collect all the thoughts ~anil and ~joeld and other have had on similar subjects, and make some progress in building the client side of things.