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[TXT] 04:55 My next Github task
[TXT] 22:54 Holiday break
[TXT] 02:14 A five-pound sack
[TXT] 03:56 Back to the library
[TXT] 14:29 Really bad math
[TXT] 22:16 Bad math
[TXT] 15:03 refactoring
[TXT] 04:22 Doing the math
[TXT] 02:09 Standing alone
[TXT] 20:31 Derp
[TXT] 14:16 Feeding the library
[TXT] 19:25 Security
[TXT] 04:52 Populating the box
[TXT] 04:42 LibraryBox
[TXT] 03:11 Be the customer?
[TXT] 03:01 Yesssss
[TXT] 02:19 Githubbed
[TXT] 04:11 Today in blogs
[TXT] 23:42 Local cache
[TXT] 03:06 Coding for dollars
[TXT] 05:54 When in doubt, code
[TXT] 04:40 Oops
[TXT] 19:27 Oh, OAuth
[TXT] 16:00 Identification
[TXT] 22:37 Economies of scale
[TXT] 20:41 git
[TXT] 01:13 Parsing
[TXT] 12:39 Protocols
[TXT] 15:09 Squirrel!
[TXT] 01:14 Jekyllization
[TXT] 19:40 Halloween name
[TXT] 13:11 Grocery app
[TXT] 13:37 Poking at silos
[TXT] 15:25 Architecture
[TXT] 14:47 Sitemapping
[TXT] 02:46 Dumb pipes
[TXT] 12:57 Tile Club
[TXT] 13:38 Barriers to entry
[TXT] 18:30 Pumpkin spice
[TXT] 21:03 Silo buster
[TXT] 21:26 Customer vs. Product
[TXT] 15:43 Bring back the feed reader
[TXT] 14:38 No tilde is an island
[TXT] 21:57 Technicalities
[TXT] 13:09 Oasis
[TXT] 17:57 Poverty phones
[TXT] 17:57 Oh, that's why I'm partying like it's 1999
[TXT] 20:25 The club
[TXT] 12:29 Lynx
[TXT] 12:29 Sincerity
[TXT] 19:39 Keeping it simple.
[TXT] 12:56 Ripple effects
[TXT] 19:40 Recapitulating phylogeny
[TXT] 19:40 ate my day

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My next Github task - 01 January 2015
My next Github task My next Github task will clearly be learning how to submit a pull request, so I can add the sitemapper to the collection of sitemappers we've got going in there. Back to blog tilde ... read more
Holiday break - 23 December 2014
I didn't exactly plan to take a holiday break, but I don't have much news. I've gotten a battery pack for the LibraryBox, but I'm still drawing up templates and working up a Dancer-based archive index ... read more
A five-pound sack - 12 December 2014
Today I'm trying to put over twelve million items in a 16GB LibraryBox. I mean, clearly that won't work. Project Gutenberg's machine-readable index is a monster tree of RDF files. Doesn't help, of cou ... read more
Back to the library - 09 December 2014
The LibraryBox, that is. Part of that has involved trying to decide whether I can use it as an email hub, and whether that would be useful at all. But in trying to figure out exactly what I could inst ... read more
Really bad math - 07 December 2014
The whole situation at Carl's employer hasn't made sense, and I've always had the feeling I was missing a piece of the puzzle. And then right in the middle of talking to someone about it on Twitter th ... read more
Bad math - 05 December 2014
Bad math 05 December 2014 Well, crud. The thing that I had hoped wouldn't factor into the math looks like it's going to, which most likely means an unexpected $2-3K monthly expense is going to hit us ... read more
refactoring - 04 December 2014
If you've been following the Github repo you've noticed my commits are somewhat erratic. Lately I haven't done much except a few bug fixes (it's a little awkward that my dev/test setup is also a produ ... read more
Doing the math - 04 December 2014
And now for something completely different: I'm doing the math to see what it would take for Carl to be able to quit his job before hunting for another. See, his boss made a really, really boneheaded, ... read more
Standing alone - 02 December 2014
I guess since LibraryBox's default site has web fonts served locally, I can do the same thing, so never mind the derp. And then I realized that the stats and chat stuff on a LibraryBox happens via PHP ... read more
Derp - 30 November 2014
After racking my brains for a way to build a static version of a website, I realized that I was planning to put the static pages in the exact same place as the dynamically generated ones, so I didn't ... read more
Feeding the library - 29 November 2014
The LibraryBox is all loaded up and sitting in my front window, broadcasting its wifi name to the world. The puck is adorable, but that site would be a better candidate for the more conventional route ... read more
Security - 26 November 2014
This morning I got an email notifying my that the router shipment for the LibraryBox hadn't happened because the credit card payment didn't go through, and that they'd retry it. We got issued a new ca ... read more
Populating the box - 26 November 2014
The flash drive will get here tomorrow, but the router hasn't shipped at all yet so the earliest I'll get to play with the LibraryBox is Friday. The LibraryBox site has a sort of starter kit, which ha ... read more
LibraryBox - 25 November 2014
I bought myself one of the 14 Fabulous Open Source Gifts For The Holidays: a LibraryBox, or at least the hardware to DIY one. LibraryBox v2.0 is a combination of a router (a variety of hardware will w ... read more
Be the customer? - 23 November 2014
Hmm. But one of the first takes on the program that I read was this (ironically, I think it came up through Google News): ... read more
Yesssss - 22 November 2014
Yesssss 22 November 2014 Pumpkin Spice can pull Twitter feeds in now. On the downside, that made me realize: feeds->entries is not one-to-many, it's many-to-many. A tweet can be part of a user timelin ... read more
Githubbed - 16 November 2014
Well, Pumpkin Spice now has a home on Github. You can see by all the placeholder files the sorts of things I hope to read and write from: ... read more
Today in blogs - 15 November 2014
I started a little thing on where I went over and recapitulated all of the blogs that day. Of course, having done it for GMT 14 November, I realized I hadn't b ... read more
Local cache - 13 November 2014
Pumpkin Spice can now successfully monitor a feedless HTML page and turn changes into feed entries - retaining the full HTML formatting. To that end, I just subscribed it to all six-hundred-and-thirty ... read more
Coding for dollars - 13 November 2014
We have pretty decent insurance through my husband's employers, but having learned that our out-of-pocket expenses on a scrip might be anywhere from $400 to $2000 a month, suddenly I'm thinking maybe ... read more
When in doubt, code - 12 November 2014
It's maybe not the best policy, but like I've said elsewhere, I was raised by wolves. So that's what I did. I kind of knew that the evolving nature of my formatting here had maybe introduced some inva ... read more
Oops - 12 November 2014
Oops Page created: 12 November 2014 tilde homesilver home Random page info ... read more
Oh, OAuth - 08 November 2014
I had, apparently, blocked from my memory the fact that Twitter, Facebook, and probably every other place in the world requires OAuth these days. OAuth requires, unless I'm missing something, two thin ... read more
Identification - 08 November 2014
If this entry is about subscribing to a particular feed (that is, a particular place-to-write stuff, be it an actual Atom/RSS feed, a blog, a social-media-network account, or just a web page), then th ... read more
Economies of scale - 07 November 2014
Or scale of economies, really. I got invited by a member of my nobility to a meeting today, the local chamber of commerce's health committee. In Delano, we have no budget. So when the chamber gal said ... read more
git - 07 November 2014
Yeah, like I mentioned earlier I gotta learn git. So okay, I've updated to dump a JSON file as well (and commented out the private files entirely), and I need to update my repo on Github ... read more
Parsing - 07 November 2014
Yak shaving. Before you build a pumpkin spice client, you have to have something to read with it. So I started fiddling with a little Perl script, takes an url on the command line and checks it out. T ... read more
Protocols - 04 November 2014
Protocols I can't remember who pointed to this on Twitter, but I think it was a tildenizen: Liberate Apps Through Protocols: Lets Update IRC!. Yes, let's. Page created: 04 November 2014 tilde homesilv ... read more
Squirrel! - 03 November 2014
In case you were wondering, I never did get that yard work done. If it isn't obvious by now, what with my blog topics being all over the map, I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Then the book had ... read more
Jekyllization - 01 November 2014
My little blog-building script is getting more advanced. It can handle Markdown and HTML::Template. Sooner or later I'm going to have reinvented WordPress. ... read more
Halloween name - 31 October 2014
I kinda hate October on Twitter, especially an October when I've followed a whole bunch of new people. In my early years, I was "Tulsa CoCo" on CompuServe CB Chat. Needless to say, most places "silver ... read more
Grocery app - 31 October 2014
I guess I should get categories here. On the topic of groceries, I'm unsurprised to see there are apps out there poking at parts of the problem. That kind of touches on a problem I have: perhaps it's ... read more
Poking at silos - 30 October 2014
I spent some time with some experimental scripts yesterday. I also poked at my blog-building script a little, since I realized it was updating index.html with the last time I'd changed the blog. Putti ... read more
Architecture - 28 October 2014
I've been thinking about how to build the dumb pipes/pumpkin spice thingy, and I'm leaning back toward a client/server architecture (or maybe plumbing is a better metaphor, but whatever). First of all ... read more
Sitemapping - 28 October 2014
Because I can, I hacked together a sitemapper. It excludes anybody in the tildebot killfile at /home/brendn/bin/botify/killfile, respects robots.txt's (checking each directory for them), and has an ex ... read more
Dumb pipes - 27 October 2014
-- from Why Google wants to replace Gmail (Mike Elgan) I really like my dumb pipe. But obviously, if I'm a really good developer* I can make a heck of a lot more money building a service and harvestin ... read more
Tile Club - 24 October 2014
I live in a 1919 Craftsman bungalow, which sadly has been gutted but even before that was too blue-collar to have had nice decorative tiles. Anyway, the actual "Tile Club" was part of the Aesthetic Mo ... read more
Barriers to entry - 23 October 2014
Somewhere along the line, my post to tilde.projects (, I think) got interpreted as " could be a Facebook killer" rather than " should build a Facebook killer." Tilde is a tough soc ... read more
Pumpkin spice - 21 October 2014
Pumpkin spice Okay, I started brainstorming on the silo buster (and, obviously, gave it a silly code name). Like I have time for another project like that. tilde homesilver home Random page info ... read more
Silo buster - 19 October 2014
The last post got me thinking: what would it take to get my relatives off Facebook? First of all, the "wall" (or "News Feed," these days) would basically be a super-friendly feed reader. That wouldn't ... read more
Customer vs. Product - 19 October 2014
There's been a little bit of talk about silos and microblogging and middling and such which is probably synchronicity but I choose to believe it's because tilde is making us think about these things. ... read more
Bring back the feed reader - 16 October 2014
You know what busts silos? It is also no accident that I put up an atom feed as fast as I could here. I have been trying to persuade my 14yo to start using the family Tiny Tiny RSS installation, but h ... read more
No tilde is an island - 16 October 2014
I think maybe I'm missing out on a little ~ stuff because I don't spend much time in the shell there, but rather do most stuff (including typing this) in the shell on my local machine.* But I've been ... read more
Technicalities - 14 October 2014
I got sidetracked in pontificating and haven't paid enough attention to the technicalities of my "blogging software" - a Perl script that runs stuff through Template::Toolkit (I don't know why; I've a ... read more
Oasis - 13 October 2014
What's the opposite of a food desert*? I'll try not to sound too much like a 1950's "House of the Future!!!" thing. Mom* opens up the menu planner on her phone. She plans the meals. Meanwhile, one of ... read more
Poverty phones - 12 October 2014
There was an interesting intersection of a bit of yesterday's post and a series of tweets when I got up this morning. I accidentally fell into this neighborhood: right after we got married ~raven got ... read more
Oh, that's why I'm partying like it's 1999 - 09 October 2014
I had a small epiphany. So now I'm "unemployed" (see that * again) and trying to decide: do I dust off the résumé and jump back in the corporate game? I could go the freelance route in a less desultor ... read more
The club - 08 October 2014
One of my Facebook followers* made the inevitable joke about being glad he missed the open admission period because "I'd never join a club that would have me as a member." I have two "socia ... read more
Lynx - 07 October 2014
So yesterday Maciej Cegłowski (@Pinboard) was mocking what we eventually started calling scrollerskate websites, and I replied with a Lynx screenshot to one of them and the comment "Looks fine to me." ... read more
Sincerity - 06 October 2014
A number of people are talking about, agonizing over, and being ashamed by decisions about how "period" to make their pages here. I'm being as basic as possible, not out of any perception of a standar ... read more
Keeping it simple. - 05 October 2014
So I wrote a nifty little Perl script that would take my text files and build the data file to feed it to ttree so I would have a nice archival setup categorized by month and year and so forth, build ... read more
Ripple effects - 04 October 2014
Ripple effects _________ --------- \ ^__^ \ (oo)\_______ (__)\ )\/\ ||----w | || || The shortcomings of wall led me to get ... read more
Recapitulating phylogeny - 03 October 2014
Recapitulating phylogeny Today I kluged together a perl-based static blog^W web diary. tilde homesilver home Random page info ... read more ate my day - 02 October 2014 ate my day Not directly. But I spent all my free time yesterday rereading old tilde-phoenyx chat lots and contemplating the resurrection of The Old Phoenyx. And then I installed a TinyMUSH ... read more
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