Box of Crap 2

The second part of the box of crap arrived today!

Love, Keyboardio


The whole shebang

The side of the box listed three items, but there was a little more.

Mini LED

There was a Mini LED thingy that would have been nice to have at Maker Faire this past weekend, but oh well.

Scrolling Welcome


Non-scrolling Welcome

Same song, second verse, I guess?


There was a kickstand, which my son might be interested in. He’s been playing in TinkerCAD, designing a wrist-mount for his phone.

Quadcopter Top Quadcopter Bottom

There was a pocket quadcopter. It’s called a drone, but I haven’t figured out yet if it streams video. Pretty sure it just takes it for downloading. But I could be wrong.


There was a wireless charger, which was pretty neat. I keep looking at IKEA’s but they’re still pricey.

Charger saucer

It came with one saucer section and two adapters, one iPhone and one USB/Android. We’re an all-Android household, alas. Also alas, IKEA’s system only comes with cases, not inserts like this, and we’re a weird-off-brand-phone household.


Literally, saucer section.



Maker Faire

Speaking of Maker Faire, I noticed somebody there got a Box of Crap. Okay, more likely they just went to Dollar Tree, whose entire business model is, after all, Crap From Shenzhen.