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I kinda hate October on Twitter, especially an October when I've followed a whole bunch of new people. I don't set a different name for Halloween, and seldom change my avatar (though when the ADSL went down this morning, I couldn't resist setting my Facebook avatar.

In my early years, I was "Tulsa CoCo" on CompuServe CB Chat. This answered two of the three most common questions, MORF? of course being the third. (I usually lied about that one because it cut down on drama.) On the BBS scene, I was "Silver," or sometimes "Mercedes Silver," though my CoCo was old enough that when the silver wore off I took nail polish to the case and had a shiny black computer. (I never tested the conventional knowledge that said you could touch up a Tandy with "Mercedes silver" auto paint.)

Needless to say, most places "silver" is a quickly-taken username. My first tilde was ~phoenyx but I rarely used that as my personal handle. When I joined Twitter, I picked @gamehawk because @silver was taken (I think it's changed hands since then). I just went to sign up on GitHub last night, and gamehawk is taken too, as is phoenyx, and of course silver. Lately I've been using KarenInWichita, but lately we've been contemplating the possibility of relocating to another city (and state) so I hate to commit like that.

I finally fell back on tyrosinase, which is my Minecraft ID. I didn't pick that; when ~raven needed to choose an ID for what was then a test account, the namespace was pretty crowded. (Tyrosinase is an enzyme. It controls melanin production. Don't ask me how/why he picked it.) I liked it because it shortened to "tyro," which as a latecomer to Minecraft (my longtime PC didn't have a graphics card that worked with it) I was. And now it works for me as a sort-of latecomer to git.

Yep, that's right. ~sippey had a tildefession about a midlife crisis, so here's mine: in alllll my years of development I never significantly used version control. I was kind of raised by wolves, IT-wise, often being the entire IT department. I was religious about backups, and that was generally good enough. Other places, like the bank, the version control system was behind a wall of code-review procedures - code magically appeared in a working directory, I worked on it, I told the code reviewer when I was done, the code fairies took the code away.

I've had git on my home system, and I've used it for larger projects like Wirebird, but I haven't touched that project in (mumblety) years and my vague grasp of how it worked has slipped away from me. So yeah: I gotta learn git. DON'T JUDGE.

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