Holiday break

23 December 2014

I didn't exactly plan to take a holiday break, but I don't have much news.

  • I've gotten a battery pack for the LibraryBox, but I'm still drawing up templates and working up a Dancer-based archive indexer. Nothing ready to put on Github yet, though.

  • I haven't done anything with Pumpkin Spice lately, other than a couple of little bugfixes (and one bug that I haven't fixed). The Java version still says "Hello World" and that's it.

  • I haven't done anything with Oasis in even longer. Probably should get that off the back burner.

But hey, holidays. I think I'm done with shopping. Tomorrow is present delivery for all the neighborhood folks; right now there's a gingerbread cake in the oven for our diabetic neighbor, tomorrow I'll stir up a batch of refrigerator roll dough and get the absurdly tiny ham (long story short: apparently our CSA raised pot-bellied pigs accidentally? The hanging weight was 75 pounds. No, there isn't a digit missing) and lamb roast out to thaw. And that's about it. Almost everything's wrapped, I even have a tree up (admittedly, one of those instant tinsel jobs, but it's survived the cats surprisingly well) and, well, it's a nice unstressed holiday so far.

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