04 December 2014

If you've been following the Github repo you've noticed my commits are somewhat erratic. I commit when I code, but that's not every day, and not for very long on days when I do get a chance to code... generally I'm cramming a day's worth of work into two weeks or more. So progress is slow.

Lately I haven't done much except a few bug fixes (it's a little awkward that my dev/test setup is also a production server of sorts). My excuse is that it's December, there are other things in my headspace, and I'm working up to a major refactor.

The current is a bigtime god-object right now, a result of sort of diving into the project without much advance planning. It's not usually the way I approach things, but again with the hour-here, hour-there approach I at least got something useful working (even if it was sort of an offshoot of the "real" project).

But now I'm debating things, in particular the language choice. Perl is an old familiar friend, but maybe Java is more marketable. And I'd rather have something other than Minecraft server plugins to show a prospective employer in that case. (Note to self: get around to putting the plugins in Github anyway.) So maybe I'll just leave the current critter as it is, feeding the database and producing Atom feeds, and start my "refactoring" from scratch.

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